Notes From the Field 06/20/18

June 20, 2018

Welcome to our second edition of Notes From the Field!

We’re a third of the way through June and are seeing great growth in our aspidistra crops. We are continuing to improve our leatherleaf crop after the damage from the hurricanes and there is currently a flush young product in the fields ready to make your day. Treefern is seeing its annual summer mowing so that we can have a great fresh crop available for fall. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we’ve been experiencing some heavy rainfall as of late and this has caused some flushing of new growth in our woody ornamental production, though we still have crop available when needed!

Product Quality Notes:

  • Tremendous growth in aspidistra crops
  • Leatherleaf crop continues to improve

Foliage Trends:

  • Florida tropicals are selling fast, these include monstera, assorted calathea, and aralia
  • Garland sales continue to hold strong
  • Traditional wedding products such as treefern and plumosus are seeing increased sales

Foliage Quantity:

  • Treefern is in the middle of annual summer mowing which is impacting production volume
  • New eucalyptus crops are expected to become available in the next week or two, as is galax and sheet moss from North Carolina

What You Should Try This Week:

  • Our recommendation for this week is podocarpus nagi, an american grown item that mimics Italian ruscus
Image result for podocarpus nagi foliage