Notes From the Field 06/13/2018

June 13, 2018

Welcome to our first edition of Notes From the Field!

As we start the second full week of June we are pleased to report exceptional quality for both leatherleaf and variegated pittosporum. Expect above average grading in those rounded boxes that mean great product is inside. Treefern numbers are steady with new crops on the horizon. Ivy, cocculus and weeping podocarpus are still in short supply so plan accordingly. Florida Tropicals are on the rebound as well.

After weeks of rain, growers are excited to see some drier days on the horizon as they battle to control insects and diseases associated with summer time.

Product Quality Notes:

  • Expect above average quality for leatherleaf and variegated pittosporum

Foliage Trends:

  • Sales for monstera continue to be strong
  • Garland demand indicates strong and versatile use throughout the year

Foliage Quantity:

  • Treefern numbers are steady and expected to increase in the weeks to come
  • There is still a short supply of ivy, cocculus, and weeping podocarpus
  • Florida tropicals are seeing increases in production

What You Should Try This Week:

  • Looking for something fun and different? We recommend giving aralia or fatsia japonica a try!