Color makes the difference when decorating for special occasions or seasonal themes. ColorFresh® foliage is the solution to add individuality to any arrangement. FernTrust’s unique foliage sealer and application system is a patented process that will extend the vase life of fern and cut greens. By adding color to the sealer, we can provide you with beautiful foliage for use as highlights or fillers in bouquets and arrangements.
  • Consistent color in every bunch
  • Extends shelf life of fresh cut foliage up to 7 days longer
  • Special colors and shimmer available for holidays and special orders
Let ColorFresh® set the stage for your next event.

Azure Blue Tree Fern
Black Shimmer Plumosus
Black Tree Fern
Burgandy Ming
Burgundy Oak
Burgundy Tree Fern
Chocolate Tree Fern
Copper Tree Fern
Copper Two Tone Oak
Fall Orange Tree Fern
Fall Yellow Tree Fern
Gold Beargrass
Gold Leatherleaf
Gold Leyland
Gold Leyland
Gold Nagi
Gold Plumosus
Gold Salal
Gold Seeded Eucalyptus
Gold Tree Fern
Gold Two Tone Oak
Green Shimmer Tree Fern
Hot Pink Tree Fern
Lavendar Tree Fern
Maple Oak
Margarita Tree Fern
Painted Oak
Purple Tree Fern
Red Beargrass
Red Ming
Red Tree Fern
Silver Aspidistra
Silver Aspidistra
Silver Beargrass
Silver Leatherleaf
Silver Leyland
Silver Leyland
Silver Tree Fern
Silver Tree Fern
Teal Tree Fern
Turquoise Tree Fern
Two Tone Oak
White Frost Italian Ruscus
White Frost Salal
White Shimmer Carolina
White Shimmer Carolina
White Shimmer Leyland
White Shimmer Plumosus