David Register

Executive Vice President

David Register has been in the foliage industry since high school. He attended the University of Florida. After leaving school in 1985 he helped to organize and start FernTrust as an agricultural cooperative. He served as its operations manager from inception until his promotion to Executive Vice President in 2001. He is dedicated to serving our customers with his extensive agricultural experience and strong commitment to strategic marketing alliances. David lives in Seville with his wife Alison .

Amy B. Register

Chief Financial Officer

Amy graduated from the University of Florida with high honors with a BS in Accounting. She has also taken graduate level coursework at Stetson University and the University of Central Florida. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has over 12 years experience in public accounting and more than seven years experience in the private sector. Amy and her husband of 32 years, Jimmy, live in Seville where they own and manage over eighty acres of assorted foliages and are part owners in a twenty acre Leather leaf operation. Amy and Jimmy have a daughter Meghan and a son William.

Victoria Register Hunter

Director of Sales and Marketing

Hello Everyone, my name is Victoria Register Hunter and I am the Director of Sales and Marketing here at FernTrust Incorporated. I am an eighth generation Floridian and agriculturalist. I am actively involved in the Florida Farm Bureau Federation and currently serve as Vice Chair of the State Women’s Committee. With Farm Bureau I advocate for the agricultural industry in the state of Florida as a whole, with my focus being on the cut foliage and floral industry. I love working for a company that values my favorite “F words” – faith, family, and farming. I am truly blessed to be able to bring my daughter Charlotte to work with me each day. It makes me reminisce on when I was a little girl and was able to tag along with my dad, David Register, to see day to day operations, attend sales trips, and participate in floral conventions. Growing up on the farm I had the privilege to learn the farming process through my parents and grandparents. We even joke that my favorite foliage at FernTrust was named after me, Victoria’s Lace Leatherleaf. I truly believe God has placed me exactly where I need to be.

Beverli Harcus

Sales Specialist

Hello, my name is Beverli Harcus and I am FernTrust’s newest Sales Specialist. I live in Seville with my husband and two children. I went to college at Daytona State where I received an Associates of Science degree and then moved on to the dental field, where I’ve spent most of my working years. Hanging that hat up I’ve decided to join FernTrust which is a big part of our community. I’ve always enjoyed the greenery that surrounds my everyday travels. My favorite foliage is Eucalyptus. It can be used in so many ways and the smell is amazing. With that being said, I’m really looking forward to learning more about all the different types of foliage that we sell and design here at FernTrust.

Margarita Hernandez

Sales Assistant

Hi! My name is Margarita Hernandez, I graduated from T. Dewitt Taylor Middle High school in 2018. I started my journey at Ferntrust working in the CPD department but in 2020 I became part of the sales department. I have to say my favorite foliage is leatherleaf. As a sales assistant I make sure paperwork and labels are in order and ready to go for the shipping department. I love the process that we go through to make sure that at the end of the day our customers are happy and satisfied.

Lynda Smith

Administrative Assistant

A native Texan, Lynda moved to Seville to be near her sister Barbara Register and her extended family. She brings her organization and Texas charm to enhance our customer service here at FernTrust.

Tabbatha Heimbach

Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Tabbatha Heimbach and I am an administrative assistant here at Ferntrust. I am responsible for the day in and day out of our office duties. I love working for Ferntrust because they are a family owned business and they really invest and take care of their employees. Some of my favorite foliage is in eucalyptus family; silver dollar is probably my favorite. It is so beautiful and can be used with so many combinations such as bouquets, wreaths and garlands. I am blessed to live with my husband and two children in Seville and only have to make a 3 mile commute to and from work.

Juan Lopez

Quality Control Manager

Each bunch of foliage that passes through our doors is inspected and graded under Juan’s watchful eye. He supervises our packing house team and our ColorFresh production. FernTrust Foliage is fabulous thanks to his hard work. Juan lives in Seville with wife Agustina and children, Juan, Monica and Gabby. Daughters Janet and Selena are college graduates from the University of Florida and University of Central Florida.

Agustina Benitez

Consumer Products Specialist

We continue expanding our foliage bouquet line and our Consumer Products Division program thanks to Agustina’s Leadership. She and her design team create these fabulous bouquet starters. So, our customers have “achievement with exhaustion”. Agustina lives in Seville with her husband Juan and three children while her two oldest daughters have just graduated college.

In Memory of Bobbi Ecker Blatchford

AIFD, PFCI, AAF, Creative Consultant

Bobbi was an integral been part of the FernTrust team since 2001. Her unique style and design skills were infamous in the industry. She shared her talents to create one-of-a kind product offerings to our customers. Further, her design shows featuring foliage generated excitement among retailers to enhance sales for our wholesalers. The entire staff looked forward to a visit from our “Chicago office” and the time Bobbi spent at FernTrust helped us create new items for our Fabulous Foliage lines. FernTrust was truly blessed to list Bobbi Ecker as a member of our team. We are forever grateful for her love and service and will continue to make Fabulous Foliage, the Green Bouquet a household name to honor her legacy in the floral industry.