Buy FernCool® Treated Leatherleaf to guarantee freshness in every situation!

To guarantee long life, it is especially important that your Leatherleaf be cold processed in order to retain its dark green color and long life. Our FernCool® process is the only system that immediately chills the fern and keeps it cold during the entire packaging and shipping process. All foliage is conditioned in a high humidity pre-cooler before being packed in the refrigerated packinghouse. This is the only way to sufficiently cool Leatherleaf so that it keeps its fresh appearance. Look for the FernCool® label to make sure every step is taken to guarantee the freshness of your Leatherleaf and other fresh cut greens.

  • Hydro-cooler Cold Water Immersion
  • Research Proven Leaf Sealer
  • Pre-Cooler Conditioning Treatment
  • Refrigerated Packing Cooler
  • Large Shipping Cooler
  • Refrigerated Transportation

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