Ferntrust Cool Process

Fern Cool Exclusively from Ferntrust, Inc.

To ensure you always receive truly fabulous foliage, look for the FernCool® symbol of quality. There are no shortcuts to quality. The FernCool® label identifies fresh cut fern and foliage that have received special care and handling to provide you with the best looking, longest lasting cut foliage available. Our totally integrated Quality Assurance System includes the exclusive FernCool® process:

  • Cold Water Immersion and Research Proven Leaf Sealer
  • Pre-Cooler Conditioning Treatment
  • Full Time FernCool® Quality Control Supervisor
  • Refrigerated Packing Cooler
  • Large Shipping Cooler
  • Refrigerated Transport

From careful growing and selective harvesting to the exclusive FernCool® process, we take great care to ensure you get the quality you expect with every box.

Long before Cold Chain Management was the hot topic, FernTrust and Coolie knew that this was vital to foliage longevity. So look for Coolie and the FernCool® label for products you can trust.