FernTrust was the first – and is still the only – foliage processing facility to be completely refrigerated. Therefore, when you order fresh cut foliage from FernTrust, you are buying the only foliage completely cooled in a large saturated air pre-cooler before it is graded, sleeved, and packed. This is a critical step since it is impossible to sufficiently cool fern after it is tightly packed in a box. We take Cold Chain Management one step further by grading and packing our product in a refrigerated packing area. No other foliage company takes this step, but at FernTrust we know that our state of the art facilities help make our foliage truly fabulous.

The FernCool process begins when fern arrives from the fields. Baskets are immersed in a cold water bath with a patented leaf sealer to begin the cooling process. These large “whirlpool” tubs not only cool the fern but also insure a cleaner, longer lasting product.
Baskets of foliage are placed in our pre-cooler to continue the cool down process overnight. This step insures chilling throughout the basket and gives the product time to properly dry before packing.
Another FernTrust difference is our refrigerated packing area. Products and employees are kept cool as foliage is graded and boxed for each and every FernTrust customer’s order.
Our refrigerated packing area allows our consumer products division to create our fabulous drop-in foliage bouquets that have become an industry staple.
Ferntrust’s graded products are placed in our branded boxes. A variety of pack sizes and custom mixed boxes provide options for any customer, regardless of operation size.
FernTrust’s cold chain management includes two shipping docks for easy truck access by other carriers and our own refrigerated truck for local deliveries or airport shipments.